Gain insight into your data

The dashboards we build are visual representations of collected data from one or more sources. We show this data by means of: charts, diagrams and maps. Often KPIs are also used, which gives you real-time insight into the performance of processes in your company.

Our dashboards are

User friendly

Clear and organized

Designed in your house style

Advanced exports and reporting

User management

Own widgets


Types of dashboards and audiences

In practice you come across terms such as management, corporate, company, company, cockpit and performance dashboards. Each branch of sport has its own wishes and needs. Depending on the target group and type of users, the dashboards are built and designed in such a way that users only see what they are allowed to see and this is as clear as possible.

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In the dynamic world of air freight, we have been able to build several dashboards for Aircargo. This has given them more sales insights by linking their quotation system, financial environment and shipments. Specific dashboards are also shown within the company to inform and motivate staff.

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