Speed and optimization

How fast does your website load?

According to statistics, half of us don't even wait 2 seconds for website content to appear! If it takes longer, as many as 40% abandon.

Moreover, slow websites are not displayed as high in Google search results. So a long loading time will cost you customers.

We specialize in making websites faster. We can help you gain insight into this.

Do you want to know how fast your website is?


Find out the loading speed of your website or webshop and discover the possibilities for optimization. You will receive a summarized report containing the performance of your website.

What insights does the report give you?

The PageSpeed scores and recommendations

Yslow scores and recommendations

Details about page loading (time, size, number of requests)

Different analytics

Waterfall and more...

Fill in the fields below, and we'll generate the report for you for FREE.

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